Familiarize yourself with Vantaa's history from the Stone Age to Beer Floating

Welcome to familiarize yourself with the history of Helsinge Parish, township and rural municipality through photos, objects and archives.

You will get to examine the different layers of Vantaa's history: archaeological excavation photos will take you back long into history, whereas today's aerial photographs will show you the city from above. In between there are, for instance, objects, photos and drawings of the art-nouveau pearl Håkansböle manor, Leonardo da Vilhu's treasures, and plenty of other things.

You can use the images published on Vantaa City Museum's Finna service freely, also for commercial purposes. Nevertheless, the permission of the people appearing in the photos will be required for advertising. You must also mention Vantaa City Museum and the photographer (if known) in connection with any photo you use. The images shown on Finna are licensed under the Nimeä 4.0 Kansainvälinen (CC BY 4.0) license. The photos shown are printable high resolution pictures.

If you need a printable image of other materials such as physical objects or documents, or if you have any questions, contact Vantaa City Museum's photo archive.

Vantaa City Museum. Photo: Antti Yrjönen / VKM.

Vantaa City Museum is housed in the Old Station Building in Tikkurila.
Photo: Antti Yrjönen / VKM.

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